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Ivy Flux provides professional web services that help you grow your business by creating an online presence tailored for you that not only shapes your online image but increases the size of your clientele. We will walk you through the process of getting a website and provide industry recommended standards for Design, User Experience, SEO, Social Networking and more.

why ivy flux?

Well…that’s because we have over a decade of experience in website design and development. We realize that you may know some things about websites, or you might have no idea what your website should look like, or you may have a very custom site that that needs in-depth technical engineering. As your web provider we will walk you through the entire site creation process to make it as painless and easy for you as possible.  To make a long story short…we’re your business’ online cheerleader.

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web design: a website inspired by your dreams

it’s not just a website…it’s your remarkable online presence

Our specialty is encapsulating an entire idea or aura and transcribing it onto the internet in a way that everyone can easily find and understand. When we make a website with you we will ensure that your you or your company’s needs are not only met but exceeded.

We’re not just a bridge for you or your company’s ideal image to become a website, we’re a catalyst to connect you with your future clientele that you haven’t me yet. We work with our clients to provide them with opportunities to grow their clientele, and if desired, reshape the entire image of their business.

We create custom websites that increase user engagement, understanding, and appeal. We will walk you through the entire process and provide our customer approved* consultation without forcing you how to learn how to engineer a website yourself. We meet you where you’re at and we’d love to hear more about your project.

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eCommerce: sell your products or services online

we will provide you with online tools to advertise, market and sell online

Easily offer all of your products and/or services to anyone through an online market place:

  • Manage your products and inventory
  • Show-off your products with high quality images and videos
  • Have a customizable online shopping cart
  • Offer discounts to your customers
  • Accept major credit cards such as Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express

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Ecommerce Online Shopping Website for You

digital marketing: ppc targeted advertising & organic traffic

increase clientele through organic social recognition and networking…yes, we can do that

utilize the powerful force of online reach

  • ppc (pay per click) advertising focused on your potential clientel
  • branding & online networking
  • social media marketing
  • social media advertising

With technology taking over the marketplace people are turning to social media to communicate and share their experiences. Through all social mediums your customers can share any reviews or information that they want regarding their interactions with you…what if you had a chance to utilize your customers’ appreciation of you with the multitudes? What if you had a chance to connect with any dissatisfied customer and turn their experience into a great word-of-mouth campaign? What if along with organic social traffic you had trained professionals that could guide traffic your way through online advertising? Endless possibilities…

Social media is a great opportunity to connect with your customers (and future-customers) to learn more about their specific needs and create a good rapport with them. Social networking is also a primary example of how current word-of-mouth business is generated; customers generate revenue for you by sharing your company information with others. The possibilities are endless.

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Social & Digital Marketin

seo: brand visibility through google

with 10+ years of search engine optimization and Google certifications we have what it takes to take your business to the next level

be on google’s 1st, not 20th, page of search results

Dominate your competition by using SEO. Search Engine Optimization can mean the difference from everyone finding you easily on Google to no one finding you.  We strategically optimize websites for optimal organic search engine traffic through a unique optimization processes procured over the last 15+ years.

We are constantly studying the latest technology that will help improve and grow your website’s number of visitors and search engine rank. We will get you results at a fraction of the cost of large web development companies that pump out websites without sincere care or concern for you or your organization.

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SEO Improvements & Google Analytics

cms & site maintenance: easily maintain your website

a content management system that empowers you to edit your website

tools & flexibility when modifying your website

Maybe your prices change, maybe your company’s services change, or maybe you just want to add new photos…it’s your website, you deserve the opportunity to manage your own website and make changes to it as needed. You also deserve the opportunity to take a break and rest easy knowing that updates to your website are in the good hands of someone else, with Ivy Flux we offer you both options.

We provide you with a website that is not only professional and effective, but that is completely customizeable by you or your company through a CMS (Content Management System). Everything from colors, content, images and videos; you will have every ability to modify your own website that’s made by Ivy Flux.

If you and computers don’t get along that well or if you simply don’t have the time or patience, then we are here to maintain your website and help it grow along with your business and clientele.

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custom solutions: we will exceed your expectations

you think that your idea is impossible? we’ve done that and more

We use best practices to create custom sites that increase customer engagement and appeal.

We specialize in everything from amazing website experiences & increased traffic to data analytics & marketing. We offer customized solutions that meet your very specific needs. We create new software, we can help you manage your customers, we can manage large amounts of data, and we can transform your business/ideas/dreams to fruition.

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hosting & domains: relax while we handle the nerdy details

don’t worry about the technical details of your website

We have 14+ years of experience creating websites. We keep up with the latest technologies and programming languages to provide you with the highest quality website possible.

There is no need for you to worry about managing servers, programming a website, styling your website, maintaining domain names, and all of the other nerdy parts of website development and management. You shouldn’t keep yourself up at night wondering how to prevent hackers from taking down or destroying your website, that’s our job.

Why not get information from us or setup a free consultation with our experts today?

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The privacy of the information you submit is extremely important to us, we will not share your information with any other individual or organization.

ivy flux?

Ivy Flux believes in Growing [ivy] and Flowing [flux] website development that organically captivates its visitors. We offer the highest degree in professionalism and treat our customers’ websites like our own.

We are a family owned business in Northeast Ohio with decades of experience; we understand that the website development process can seem like an impossible journey; but we work with our clients and walk them through the process to make it as simple as possible so that they can focus on their companies and we can focus on their website and general online success.

We offer everything: Design, Extensive SEO, Hosting, Social Networking Management, Consultation, CMS, Domain Management, Email Addresses, Logo Design, Brand Imaging, Website Security and any Custom Solution that you can imagine.

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